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par orphean
As stronghold for pilgrims and outcasts, Hugel lies close to the green mountainside near the northern border of the Schwaltzvald Republic. But the idyll of the inhabitants cut off from the outside world is being disturbed: the fight for power unleashes when an airport is built. Those who fled and seek to live left alone in peace have to worry about the protection of their secrets. Rekenber reaches for the Shrine of Odin in order to learn more about the relics of divine might and the technical ventures of Kiel Hyre corrupt his students...
Changes can as well be seen in the

The History of the Shrine
A long time ago, there was a hidden place on an island near the present Hugel where people were serving God. Though they praised and adored the divine, God was cranky and left them. Time passed and people forgot He had ever existed, because they were too obsessed with the idea of conquering the world... until He came back, enraged, and with him, War begun.
After the downfall of mankind, the wind blew softly over the fields just like he always used to. But no one was left there, the houses were destroyed, the machines broken and the roads overgrown. Only one bridge between the island and the mainland was left, a silent remain of the human culture.

Thousands of years later, humans settled down on the mainland and revived the myth of the Shrine of Odin, braver ones came to face the divine challenge by climbing up the mountainside on the island in order to reach the Shrine. But is the aim of all those adventurers actually the quest for divine inspiration and sacred relics or do they have another disastrous mission?

Hugel, festive refuge at the border
Meanwhile, a small village named Hugel grew on the mainland in the northernmost area of the Schwaltzvald Republic, isolated from the rest of the world and its location familiar only to those who lived there. Not being influenced by the trouble outside, the village emerged as refuge for those who wanted to be forgotten by the rest of the world. Hugel gently opened its arms wide for the expelled, no one asked them about their past and if they didn't want to talk, they could weave a veil of silence around them.

Many who had accidentially reached Hugel eventually stayed in order to save their lives. Only time could heal their wounds and in the lap of the mountains, they were finally able to rest and build up a new life without chase and misery.

But one well-known organization outstretches its greedy claws for Hugel: Rekenber had discovered the village and particularly the Shrine of Odin! Rekenber built up an airport which should make Hugel accessible for everyone and thus connected the town with the rest of the world. The impact was fatal: pilgrims from Rune Midgard flocked to the Shrine, snoopers and headhunters rummaged the once peaceful place looking for the dark secrets of those who had fled in order to blackmail them. Remains from the ancient culture were being collected, studied and taken away, the Gigantes and further hints regarding the Heart of Ymir prompt treasure seekers. The fight for power in Hugel has begun.

A new Challenge!

Fortunately, not everyone in Hugel has been succumbed to the fight for power, the bigger part of the population still loves to meet a challenge of the other kind: by enjoying the Hugel Minigames! In Hugel, every adventurer looking for some disport can try his luck at the monster race or the Bingo game.
While playing Bingo, five opponents can join one game. They will receive a field with 5x5 cells on which they can place the digits 1-25 freely. During the game, all digits will be called in a random order, five in one row make one Bingo and in order to win, the player needs to hit Bingo five times. The winner will get one Prize Medal after the match and if the winner is announced within the first 18 digits, he will even receive 50 Medals!

Every friend of some great challenge will however be looking forward to the Monster Race in Hugel! For 2,000 Zeny, you can bet on one or two monsters of in total six in either the single or double match. All monsters have different endurance and luck status values. Luck? An important factor, as during the race, some obstacles will appear and thwart the monsters! The winner of a single game will receive four, the winner of a double game even 15 Medals. Those can be collected and traded for valuable gifts!

Mysterious: Odin's Shrine and Kiel Hyre
Fragments of statues that have not been crafted by man... a steep mountainside, a weathered temple, an apparently peaceful island. But the archaeologists from Rune Midgard and the Schwaltzvald Republic suspect there's more behind that facade. Explorers have often already disappeared, rumours tell there are dangerous monsters in the Shrine that know no mercy. The only survivor of those expeditions alerts the villagers in Hugel: what has happened to him and how can his strange behaviour be explained? And yet another mystery haunts the Schwaltzvald Republic:

"They say God created man after his own image. Then, man created roboters after his own image. Answer me, did I choose the wrong way? Was I so stupid to play God?"

Under the direction of the back then only 20 years old Kiel Hyre, the nowerdays biggest manufacture for domestic appliances and roboters originated as small enterprise. With the support of Rekenber, the enterprise rapidly expanded and specialized in the production of guards and roboters. These days, the head office of the business is located in Lighthalzen in order to prevent industrial espionage. The company as well contributes to society as it leads a school for orphans, the so-called Kiel Hyre Academy.

But a strange aura of melancholy and sorrow pulsates around Kiel himself. What has happened to him, why is his heart broken and what is going on in the mysterious Academy or in the company's well-guarded laboratories?

Beyond the Border

King Tristan has in great forethought even recruited explorers and brave adventurers in order to travel beyond the borders of the Schwaltzvald Republic. Rumours tell another empire exist which wants to get in touch with Rune Midgard, but neither name nor intent of the government behind are known yet. People hold the hope the foreign nations are not hostile towards Rune Midgard - be prepared, adventurers, warriors and brave ones of this world, Hugel was not the last unknown place to be discovered!

Further Changes in the Schwaltzvald Republic

Besides 27 new maps, new dungeons and opponents in and around Hugel, the locations of some particularly aventuresome monsters will be changed. Further information regarding this issue can be found in the changelog.
The route of the Airship in the Schwaltzvald Republic will be changed to the following with the opening of Hugel:
Juno - Einbroch - Lighthalzen - Einbroch - Juno - Hugel - Juno
Important for long-distance flights: Keep enough food in your inventory; the success rate for chefs has changed in aid of all gourmands.
Of course, there is a bunch of new quests all around Kiel Hyre and Hugel that will take a turn in the mysterious story around Rekenber and the conflict with the President of the Schwaltzvald Republic.
The Hunter Guild will move from the cosy Payon to the fields of Hugel.
The Blacksmith Guild will move from Geffen to Einbroch, the City of Industry. Prospective Hunters and Blacksmiths please refer to the respective NPCs there after the update!

Juperos and Biolabs explorers - pay attention: The behaviour of some monsters there will change as well. Act with caution regarding Eremes Guile, Cecil Damon and Kathryne Keyron. Dimiks and Venatus will have their software updated with the new update and now and then change target.

Furthermore, there will be many new items, weapon sets for the expanded classes Ninja and Gunslinger and a very special Valkyrie Equipment Set with extraordinary attributes - however not quite easy to get if you ask Valkyrie Randgris!

IMPORTANT: Regarding the Mailing and Auction System!
With Hugel, a novel Auction System will be implemented that makes it possible for players to auction and sell their worthy treasures while they are busy with different things. All players can access the Auction System via the special Auction House. Due to known problems of the Mailing System, the Auction System will not be activated on euRO for now since both functions depend on each other. When an item can not be sold, it will for example be sent back to the owner via mail. Since the Mailing System has not fully been tested yet, the Prontera Tourism Office and Gravity want to avoid bugs and assure the smooth process of both systems first. Further information about this tool will be announced soon.

For Episode 10.4, an additional Mailing System is designed to be added that makes it possible for players to send and receive messages, zeny or items. Due do known issues from other RO servers with this new system, it will only be implemented on euRO when all bugs are resolved. This measure of precaution shall ensure an error-free environment and prevent fraud.

Once the system will be added, players can send messages to friends and all online players via the mailboxes available in all bigger cities. Further information about the Mailing System will be added soon.

New Expanded Classes!

Hugel offers new challenges for all experienced adventurers, because the secret martial arts of the heirs of the Ninja and the remaining pieces of handguns from Gunslingers will be released for the first time! The new classes can neither be adopted nor rebirth in Valhalla, but they can reach Joblevel 70 instead of 50!

Master of the Shadows: Ninja!

The Ninja are are ancient warriors from Amatsu that live in the shadows and fight with shuriken or daggers. One day Kazma, the leader of the Ninja Clan called Towoo received a strange letter and having read it, he disappeared. A Ninja girl named Amane was obliged to find him, but when she left, strangers destroyed her homeland.

In anger, Amane asked the other Ninja tribes for help and started to look for the murderers of her clan. In Hugel, she found a blood-soaked hint about Kazma. She had to prepare for the upcoming fight and organized Ninja troops for all cities. Today, the Ninja are still seeking for revenge and recruiting. In order to become a Ninja, you have to be a Novice with Joblevel 10 and travel to the Ninja Guild in the center of Amatsu.

A Ninja first of all uses Throwing Knives and Daggers for his attacks. With the thrown Shuriken and Kunai, he causes different kinds of damage, either neutral with higher ATK or elemental damage. As Ninja, the recruit can specialize on three different paths:

Togatana, the technique of Throwing Knives and Daggers
Taijutsu, martial arts out of the shadows in order to surprise the enemies with sudden lethal attacks
Ninpou, the Ninja magic which allows the Ninja to attack with different elemental attacks

Hits like a bomb: Gunslinger!
An archaeologist once discovered relics from a forgotten time no one had ever seen before. Complicated machines could be seen on those documents that could eventually be identified as weapons man used against the Gods: Guns, pistols, handguns. He managed to rebuild those weapons, but when the clever explorer presented his inventions to the world, unknown fighters killed his family one night and kidnapped him and the blueprints of his weapons. Only his daughter and assistant Selena could escape.

Within a short time, many adventurers appeared who wanted to use the new Guns - and thus, the number of innocent who got killed by those weapons increased. Selena hence vainly tried to find the murderers of her family, while the production of those weapons increases, while empty bullet casings hit the ground hard and while the air starts to carry the smell of gun powder...

A Gunslinger has two different types of skills from which he can choose: Coin Skills that only work with Golden Coins but with every weapon (or without any at all) and Gun Skills that only work with special weapons. Flip the Coin, the Gunslinger's first active Skill, makes the fighter throw a Zeny coin. If it shows Head, the Gunslinger receives one of up to ten Golden Coins that float around his body and last ten minutes or get consumed while using skills.

The Gun Skills however depend on the choice of the right weapon. All Gun-type weapons are two-handed, there are in total five different to choose from:
Handgun: Most skills are available for the Handgun, it is small, fast and has a low range
Rifle: Has a higher range, a higher Crit chance, however it is not as fast as the Handgun
Shotgun: Very slow in comparison to the other two weapons, but it causes way more damage and even splash damage of 3x3 cells; Shotgun skills as well focus on dealing high damage
Grenade Launcher: As well a rather slow weapon, but causing even more damage. Furthermore, a Grenade Launcher can be charged with elemental spheres unlike all other guns
Gatling Gun: Although it seems to be slow, it can turn into a high speed weapon with the right skills - and even reach 190 ASPD.

In addition to that, all guns cause full damage on all monster sizes! Brave Novices with Joblevel 10 can become Gunslingers by visiting the Gunslinger Guild in Einbroch below the tower in the middle. Don't forget the ammo when using your brand new gun skills!

Curious now? Be a little more patient just like the Ninja use to, discuss about Coins and Guns with soon-to-be Gunslingers, prepare yourselves for the new challenges. Hugel houses more than one dark secret, the friendly guy next door could be a dangerous killer. Keep your eyes open, but don't look for Hugel yet: the Prontera Tourism will tell you soon when exactly the airship will be able to take you there for the first time!

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Le plus beau village de ro arrive enfin sur euro ^^

j'adore cette image

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Avec son npc vendeur de mastela en plus :D

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Le NPC il va acheter plus de mastellas qu'il va en vendre :/

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Je sais pas à combien il les vendra, mais j'ai entendu parler du prix d'achat. Du coup, j'ai comme un doute sur la présence de Mastela à 4k sur le serveur après Hugel (et même actuellement, ça va commencer à être dur).


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par La tristesse de Jack

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Surtout le coup de l'hotel des ventes o.o

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Hotel des ventes = Chomage pour les marchand ^^

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Vu le prix du système, j'en doute très fortement.

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L'Hôtel des ventes c'est de la merde, rien de plus qu'une update gadget que tout le monde aura oublié la semaine suivante.